An Enduro Weekend Success!

By | May 16, 2019

Ready To Go



CERA had another successful “Enduro Weekend” and our members and friends that came out to make it happen are home now with a very well deserved “PAT ON THE BACK”.  Everyone did an outstanding job to make for an issue free event!  We had enough help this year with several non-club members coming out and this made a big addition to the needed workforce.

Congratulations to our Crazy Miner Overall winner: Marc De Marco

Congratulations to our Fools Gold Overall winner: Kyle Boardman

Our Sign-up Crew!

A lot of positive feedback from the riders always makes it worthwhile for the club members and friends that all came out to make this happen.  We do it for the love of the sport and while some riders are not wanting to deal with timekeeping, CERA’s Georgetown locating in the National Forest precludes us from doing otherwise.  There cannot be a “speed contest” in the forest so timekeepers are it for the foreseeable future.  They are actually more of a challenge than just racing to see who’s the fastest but the word “timekeeping” seems to scare off some.  Just keep in mind that the days of old timekeeping is long gone and there is not really any actual time keeping involved.  A roll chart showing all the possible check locations, a digital watch, an odometer and reasonably good riding skill is all one needs to be able to stay close to on time.    The roll chart gives you the time and mileage so you just have to “pace” yourself to get to each mileage points when your watch tells you it’s time to be there.  Yes it does still involve some thinking and that’s the challenge…Can you keep track when you start to get tired?  An Enduro is an endurance contest and the ones that can endure and keep a clear head are the ones that will be listed at the top part of the results sheet.

A few of the many volunteers that it takes to put on an Enduro

So join us next year and be sure to bring along two or more of your riding friends.  Meanwhile please support the other Enduro Clubs by participating in their Enduros.


Crazy Miner Official Results

Fools Gold Official Results