Fool's Gold Enduro

Scheduled for 2-May-2004.



Fools Gold Enduro 2004
The 2004 Fools Gold Enduro was held on Sunday, May 2nd, 2004 at the Mace Mill Staging Area near Georgetown, CA. It was Round 4 of the Moose Northern California Championship Enduro Series, and Round 4 of the B/C Series. Over 260 riders braved the heat and dust and faced off against the 90 mile course. The overall winner was Jordan Brandt, followed by Billy Russell, Brian Butler, Dave Wood, and Heather Wilson. 
Full results can be found at: FoolsGoldEnduro2004Results and D36.
A few riders unfortunately missed the A-B/C course split, and were marked as out for the final special test checkout. Despite the  loss of a lot of trail mileage, we got a lot of good feedback about the course. Next year the bridge will be complete and we'll have even more fun Georgetown trails for you to enjoy.
Thanks to the USFS El Dorado NF/Georgetown Ranger District for their cooperation, and thanks to Don Amador of the BRC for coming out and helping with the sound tests. Riders are really "getting" that Less Sound == More Ground, we had no failed bikes this year.

Update Tuesday April 27
The 2004 Fool's Gold is on, should be a great ride. The weather is expected to cool off towards the end of the week.
The Route Sheet for the event is available as a .jpg file: 2004_FG_Route Chart.jpg . Right click on that, save it to your local computer and print it out. It might look a little ugly in your browser, but it will print out fine.
We'll be doing traffic control on race day on Mace Mill Road to allow the gas truck to get in and out of the staging area quickly. Please be patient and work with us so we can get the cans back ASAP.
Scoring will be completed after the event, sorry, no same day scoring.

Event Information
The 2004 Fool's Gold will again be run in the standard enduro format using AMA D36 Rulebook
300 Rider limit, pre-entry is strongly advised.
No Rider Insurance, ride at your own risk. 
All riders and spectators will be required to sign a release form. Yes, even spectators. The open nature of an enduro means that event spectators are defined as event participants for the purposes of liability. CERA will accept the presence and signatures of a "Responsible Adult" if that adult has a notarized authorization letter signed by both parents/legal guardians. 

Entry Info
Pre-entry opens March 1, 2004, closes April 23, 2004. Drawing will be April 19, 2004.
Starting times will be determined using the D36 rules (A Riders, then Club B Riders, B Riders, Club C Riders, C Riders). 
Entries received after April 19 will be assigned start time in he order the entry was received.
Riders entering together will ride in the lowest class (e.g. if a B and C rider enter together, they ride in the C rows).
The flyer for the 2003 Fool's Gold are available now in your local shops.
Flyers will also be mailed to all 2003 Fool's Gold entrants.
The standard D36 entry form is also available here in pdf format.
Pre-entry is $48. Post-entry is $55.
Please include photocopies of your AMA and D36 Membership cards, and your D36 Club card if applicable.
Please include 3 self-addressed stamped envelopes. If you don't include the envelopes, we cannot mail your entry info back to you.
All riders and spectators under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign liability waivers. CERA will accept the presence and signatures of a "Responsible Adult" if that adult has a notarized authorization letter signed by both parents/legal guardians.
Entry info at 925-462-6824. This is a real human, not a hotline, please call during reasonable hours (9am -  8pm).

Fool's Gold Course
The course will be 80 miles of great Gold Country terrain, and is designed for all classes.
First rider leaves at 8:01  am.
One remote gas spot. 
Gas cans must be DOT Approved, and you  must take your gas can home with you. 
Gas cans must be dropped off by 7:30am on Race Day.
Five riders minimum for a class.
Finisher pins for all finishers.

You And Your Bike
USFS Spark Arrestor required. 
Your bike must pass a sound test, 96db or lower. Check out the CA State OHV Noise Regulations for details. 
If you don't pass sound, you do not ride the event. No refunds if your bike is too loud. 
Current CA OHV Sticker, non-resident sticker, out of state registration or license plate is required.
Your number assigned for the event must be clearly displayed on your front number plate.
All riders must wear a helmet, eye protection, and boots.

Mark your calendars, and stay tuned to this web site for more information. Hope to see you there!