Crazy Miner Family Enduro

By | August 28, 2016


Round 4 of the 2016 District 36-SRT Youth / Family Enduro Championship

We are strongly encouraging online entries.  When checking in we will have an “Express Line” where you just show your current  AMA & District 36 membership cards, pick up you helmet sticker, scorecard & T-Shirts (if you ordered one) and your all set!
Remember…you must place your riding number (match your helmet sticker) on your front number plate in large numbers & letter.





Enter Online and receive a Rocky Mountain $10 Gift card.


 And while you signing up you can purchase your 2016 Crazy Miner T-Shirt and pick it up at  the enduro when you check in.



OR….Pre-enter by downloading the flyer, filling out the entry form and mailing it in.  Flyer also contains rider information, a must read.

Online and mail in pre-entries close October 12th.   Post entries will be available at the Enduro.

Enduro Information……

Date:  Saturday October 29, 2016                                                 ::Flyer::
Location:  Mace Mill Road, Georgetown, CA           ::Map to the Crazy Miner::
Key Time: 9:00 am

C-Ya at the Crazy Miner!CERA logo D