CERA Enduros

Fool’s Gold Enduro
CERA has been putting this event on since 1971 (it was called Use Your Noodle Enduro in 1970). Staged near Georgetown California, in the El Dorado National Forest, the Fool’s Gold covers from 80 to over 100 miles of single track trails, two track and dirt roads. The event is sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and is part of the District 36 Northern California Championship Enduro Series.

The Fools Gold treks though some of the most technical terrain that the foothills of the California Sierras has to offer. You can expect to encounter creek and bridge crossings along with technical uphills and down hills. The ground ranges from intermediate soil to slate rock and everything in between. Some of the trails used for the Fool’s Gold are open only for the enduro, so it’s a great opportunity to ride fresh trails!
In the past, the Fool’s Gold has been a stop on the AMA National Enduro circuit.

Crazy Miner Family Enduro
Introduced in 2005 the Crazy Miner tends to have a slightly more challenging course than the Training Wheels but is still oriented to bringing the full enduro experience down to speed levels more suitable for the less competitive rider.

The Crazy Miner is part of the District 36 Championship Youth Enduro Series and pays points for qualifying classes in the series towards year-end awards at the District 36 Awards Banquet.  However all classes are welcome and this is a great event for someone that wants to experience an enduro without having to run the mileage and speed of a full enduro. We recommend this event to anyone that is comfortable with their riding skills. This is also an excellent event to learn how to keep time or to work out how to use an enduro computer.  Most of the adults don’t qualify for Championship points but we do award trophies for all classes.

While the Crazy Miner  is much like its big brother, the Fool’s Gold Enduro, it is “tuned down” in length, technicality, and speed to better accommodate less experienced riders and smaller bikes. The course usually ranges from 40 to 60 miles with one gas stop. You will encounter uphill’s, downhill’s, fire roads, double track, and single tract trails along with some special test sections. This is to make things fun, but these will be less challenging then what you might find in a full blown enduro.

Training Wheels Enduro
The Training Wheels Family Enduro is an event geared to the novice and/or less competitive rider. The Training Wheels Family Enduro was first introduced in November 1975. CERA originally hosted the event at Georgetown, but moved it to Foresthill in the mid 1980’s and once to Carnegie in 2011. The terrain at Foresthill is easier to navigate than Rock Creek. The Training Wheels precedes the Crazy Miner that still runs at Georgetown once a year and is the easiest of the two Family Enduros CERA produces .