CERA Is Switching To A Sprint Format for 2023

By | January 13, 2023

The California Enduro Riders Association is going back to an “Enduro Weekend” this May.  We will be running our Crazy Miner Family Enduro on Saturday May 6th and our Fools Gold Enduro on Sunday May 7th.

The big change this year will be our switch to a Sprint Format for our Fools Gold Enduro.  This seems to be a preferable format for the Enduro riders out there based on rider turnout.  On the other hand we will continue with our Timekeeping Format for the Crazy Miner Family Enduro.

Transitioning back to an “Enduro Weekend” was an easy decision considering the high cost of gas and other increased expenses across the board that make for two separate weekends less cost effective.  Another benefit in combining the two events into one weekend will let us keep our entry fees from going up.

We, as always, hope for the best weather and conditions as well as a large rider turnout to keep the Enduro Spirit alive and well!

Ride Fast!
Ride Smart!