What Is An “Enduro”?

As its name implies, an enduro is an event of endurance.  There are “Timekeeping Enduros” where the objective is to maintain a predetermined time schedule through a marked, but demanding course (CERA runs this type) and there are Sprint Enduros, that are simply put, “fastest rider wins”.  The length of an enduro can range from seventy to over a hundred miles.  Along the way you’ll encounter everything from tight, handlebar-width trails which test your technical ability, to open trails and two-tracks that allow you to pick up the pace.  Since participants are not allowed to pre-ride the course and enduro trails are seldom used twice during an event, you’ll never really know what you might encounter around the next corner.  It could be anything from a pucker-inducing downhill to a tight technical trail.

Incorporating sections called “Timed Sections”, enduros challenge riders to stay BOTH on course and on time.  These test sections are generally in very tight and technical areas with higher speed averages.  They are designed to test your ability to ride a demanding trail quickly while monitoring your time-keeping so you arrive at the next checkpoint at the right time, neither early nor late.  Checkpoints at the beginning and end of each of these test sections record your performance.  Penalty points are added to each rider’s scorecard for arriving at a checkpoint either early or late.  At the end of the event, the points on each rider’s scorecard are totaled and the rider with the fewest penalty points wins his class.

Classes divide riders by their ability, age and size of motorcycle.  In this way, a 20 year old novice 250cc rider and 40 year old expert can each count on competing with riders of similar ability.  And while there are lots of serious women competitors there are even classes for the ladies that want to ride more for fun that to compete.

At this point we could continue with discussions of other aspects of enduro riding like bike set-up and timekeeping strategies but for now CERA would simply like to invite you to one of our events to experience the fun and excitement for yourself.  Bring your family and friends, camp out in the National Forest (at no cost) and be ready for some great riding!