Fools Gold Pre-Entry Up And Running!

By | May 19, 2023

Preparations for the 2023 49th annual Fools Gold Sprint Enduro are in the final stages.  CERA has produced an information flyer and opened the Online Pre-Entries.

Remember the New Date!!  Saturday June 10, 2023

We strongly encourage riders to Pre-Enter so when you get to the event you will have a simple check-in at the  registration table.  It takes less time for you and it provides less work for our Sign-Up Crew.  But most importantly….. you save $10 bucks in the process!  And you don’t need to worry about getting a refund if for any reason the FG is postponed (not likely at this point) or you find you can’t make it.  Note that refunds will be given if we’re notified prior to the event but not after, barring special circumstances that will be considered. 

If not riding the Fools Gold maybe you want to help put it on?  If so we are looking for Volunteers to help out on event day.  if interested contact Kris Wilson at:   We will also be having a dinner  Friday evening for the workers and immediate family.  CERA is picking up half the cost so If you volunteer and will be there Friday evening before the FG you can sign up for the Friday evening dinner by filling out our volunteer form found here:  Once the Volunteer form is submitted you will be redirected to a link to register for the dinner.  Of course this needs to be done in advance as there will be no dinner tickets at the event.  In advance we know how much to order to eliminate wasted food.

So follow the links below and join us for a great time in the Forest!



Map to the FG