Fools Gold Enduro Runs Under Ideal Conditions.

By | May 27, 2017

Row 5 –Overall winner Ryan Powell 5A (on right)

The 2017 Fools Gold Enduro is now behind us and will go down as one of our best in recent years.  Last year we had ideal conditions and by good fortune, the same occurred this year.  A little rain the night before was not enough to postpone it but was enough to make for excellent riding conditions.

We received a lot of positive comments about the two loop course with the gas break back at camp and the shorter course.  The shorter course was actually due to the harsh winter rains that caused trail damage (slides and downed trees) that we were unable to get cleared up in time.

Congratulations to Ryan Powell who came home with the Overall Win carding a score of .0024.  Of note there were three tie breaker checks and Ryan got a perfect score on the first two.  I guess we need to make it a little harder next year?  Maybe.

By the number of riders at both the Sawmill and our Fools Gold it appears that Enduros are gaining popularity with the off-road riders.  Joey Fiasconaro, a top District 36 Cross Country racer, was heard to comment at the start of the second loop how much fun he was having and wanted to do more Enduros.

Finally….Thank you to all the participants that came out to support our Enduro.   And especially Thank You to all the CERA Members, their families and their friends that came out to volunteer to man checks, flag, mark the course and cleanup, and all the other jobs that must be done to make these Enduros happen.  Enduros are a Team Effort, no question.  

Trophies will be in the mail shortly.

Fools Gold 2017 Results