Crazy Miner Coming Oct 21, 2017!

By | September 16, 2017

CERA is gearing up for the upcoming Crazy Miner Family Enduro, Round 4 of the 2017 District 36-IRC Tire Championship Youth Family Enduro. scheduled to run Saturday Oct 21, 2017.  The first rider(s) will be off and running at 9:01 am (Key Time 9:00) on an approximately 55 mile course.  While it’s still way too early to predict the weather conditions, we have placed a special request with the Forest Service for prime conditions.

Some need to know stuff:

  1. No AMA Card needed to enter and ride this event!!!!
  2. District 36 Membership is required
  3. This is a Timekeeping Enduro.
  4. USFS approved Spark Arrestors are required.
  5. A current and valid OHV Registration Sticker (affixed to the bike) or license plate is required
  6. Must pass a Sound test not to exceed 96 dba (101 dba for vintage bikes – pre 1986).
  7. There will be a gas break back at camp at your vehicle so no remote gas can is needed.
  8. We will have Jart Charts available (providing Jart sill makes them).
  9. The route sheet will be posted approximately one week before the event.

The mail in and online entries are now open and we strongly encourage riders to sign up online.  This makes the bookkeeping easier and can eliminate errors that occur when information is taken from hand written entry forms, such as name spellings on the results and addresses for the trophy winners.

Online signups will close Sunday Oct 10 at 11:00 pm with the drawing the following day.  But if you miss this date you can still always post enter at the event.

Or if you don’t want to enter online or at the enduro you can go “old school” and download the Crazy Miner Flyer, fill out the attached entry form and mail it in to the address on the flyer.  Mail-in Entries also close October 10 and the drawing will be held Oct 11, 2017 (any entries received after the drawing date will be assigned numbers as they arrive.)

Helpful links:

Crazy Miner Flyer —-  Includes Rider Information Sheet …. A Must Read!

Directions to the Crazy Miner

Online Entries