Crazy Miner Route Sheet Posted

By | October 13, 2017

CERA has posted the Route Sheet for the Crazy Miner.

Rain is predicted for Thursday and it appears that it won’t be enough to shut the enduro down.  But do check back here before you leave for the event to make sure it is still running..

Some need to know stuff:

  1. No AMA Card needed to enter and ride this event!!!!
  2. District 36 Membership is required
  3. This is a Timekeeping Enduro.
  4. USFS approved Spark Arrestors are required.
  5. A current and valid OHV Registration Sticker (affixed to the bike) or license plate is required
  6. Must pass a Sound test not to exceed 96 dba (101 dba for vintage bikes – pre 1986).
  7. There will be a gas break back at camp at your vehicle so no remote gas can is needed.
  8. Jart Charts, most likely, won’t be available

Online signups are now closed.  Signups and District 36 cards will be available at the event (AMA membership not required)

Helpful links:

Crazy Miner Route Sheet

Crazy Miner Flyer —-  Includes Rider Information Sheet …. A Must Read!

Directions to the Crazy Miner