CERA Crazy Miner Moves To October!

CERA Members and Friends, For 2020 we have decided to run the Fools Gold on Sunday May 3rd as planned but will hold off on the Crazy Miner and run it in the fall as we have done in the past.  This decision is based on the desire to decrease the workload and subsequent stress… Read More »

An Enduro Weekend Success!

    CERA had another successful “Enduro Weekend” and our members and friends that came out to make it happen are home now with a very well deserved “PAT ON THE BACK”.  Everyone did an outstanding job to make for an issue free event!  We had enough help this year with several non-club members coming… Read More »

CERA’s “Enduro Weekend” Is Finally Here!

You and your Family and Friends are cordially invited to our Enduro weekend. Crazy Miner Family Enduro, Round 2 of the 2019 SRT District 36 Youth Family Enduro Championship Series Fools Gold Round 3 of the 2019 SRT District 36 Championship Enduro Series. Saturday’s Crazy Miner is an event you can ride with your family… Read More »

Work Points and Pre-Course Work Explained….

For Our Fools Gold and Crazy Miner Competitors and Helpers…… Enter To Ride the Fools Gold and /or Crazy Miner Here Volunteer To Help out at the Fools Gold and / or Crazy Miner Here But first read on….. To Clear up any misunderstood information on Trial Work prior to the Crazy Miner and Fools… Read More »