Fools Gold – A Success Story

By | May 13, 2021

CERA has put another Fools Gold Enduro to bed as the results have become official!

Congratulations to Kyle Boardman the overall winner with a score of  10:451.

Fools Gold Results

We want to Thank Everyone that came out to ride and support our club!   And we Especially Thank ALL the volunteers that came out to help put on the event – without people like you there would be no enduros.  A Special Mention and Thank You also to our club members that gave of their time and energy before, during and after to make it happen!

While CERA has been at this for 50 years this was our 47th Fools Gold (we had a few cancelations due to weather) but for the most part have been consistant in putting on this Enduro since our inception.

This year we have several relatively new members that are taking the lead in the club and have already gleaned a lot of experience in the last few years on putting on an Enduro.  They were a little overwhelmed at first with everything that has to be done to make one happen, but after “learning the ropes”, like all the old timers, they have realized that the work is really fun and satisfying when the event goes’ off smoothly and all the entrants have a good time.

It seems that Timekeeping Enduros are losing traction with the younger riders and this is a trend we really don’t like to see as the term “timekeeping” is really a misnomer.  These types of Enduros really need to be called “Pacing Enduros” because while riders need to maintain a pace, not ride too fast or too slow, the actual having to keep time has long been gone from what we still call a timekeeping Enduro.  And no one needs to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a computer when a watch, resettable (by 10ths) odometer and roll chart will suffice to stay on time.  There is a certain amount of thinking involved and knowing the concept and, just as importantly, knowing the rules can make a big difference in using strategy or not having a strategy.  Understanding how it works will make your ride much more fun!

The District 36 Enduro Steward, Lance Doyle and District 36  Youth Enduro Steward, Paul Machi are both working hard to  bring interest back to Enduros and we applaud them for their efforts.  At the Fools Gold this year they presented a class on timekeeping and those that attended said it really helped them understand the concept of this type of event and in turn made in even more enjoyable.  They do have a plan to keep these classes going at other Enduros and we recommend that you give yourself time to attend one at the next Enduro you go to.

We at CERA look forward to seeing you all at our Crazy Miner Family Enduro scheduled for Saturday October 16, 2021!  Challenging but much easer than our Fools Gold, it’s part of the District 36 Championship Youth Enduro Series and for those not in the series it’s a great run to practice your “pacing” skills.