Gearing Up For The Crazy Miner Family Enduro

By | August 2, 2021

Yup!  Time to mark your calendar for the upcoming Crazy Miner Family Enduro.  We’re clearing the trails, moveing all the rocks out of the way (not), and have all our ducks in a row to put on an epic event.  All we need now is you to come out with your family and enjoy a relaxing weekend of camping and riding in the El Dorado National Forest.

No gate or camping fees and you get a lot more bang (seat time) for your buck at enduros.

This is a “timekeeper” so………Most basic timekeeping is…..don’t pass the riders on the row in front of you and try to stay ahead of the riders on the row behind you.  Or just go out and have fun while your finding out what an enduro is all about.  Keep in mind the course is all marked so you don’t have to worry about finding your way and there will be several riders on the course to help you out …. just in case.

Game on!

Date:    October 16, 2021
Mace Mill Staging Area
Mace Mill Rd.

Georgetown, CA
Sign Up Hours at the meet:

Friday 3-5 pm 7-9 pm
Saturday 7-9:30 am
(subject to change)
Key time:

  9:00 am

Crazy Miner Flyer  – not yet

Rider Information Sheet — Important reading if you’re riding our event!

Map to the meet