Crazy Miner Is Coming In October

By | August 8, 2022

CERA’s Crazy Miner Youth/Family Enduro is scheduled for Sunday October 16, 2022.  We are in the initial planning stages now and the ball is rolling.

This is a great Enduro to ride even if your not in the Championship hunt.  Come out and practicing your Pacing….er I mean Timekeeping skills.  Riding, checking your clock or watch and keeping a roll chart up to the current mileage can be a challenge for some.

About Timekeeping…… The term is actual misleading in that there is no real timekeeping.  Riders have to maintain a time schedule set by various Speed Averages so the best name now would be “Pacing Enduro”.  For a crash course on Timekeeping/Pacing and how it’s done check out this>>> Article 
Hint:  Get a digital stopwatch with large numbers that will go up to at least 6 hours (reading hours, minutes and seconds).  Mount it on your handlebars so you don’t have to take your hand off it.  With a stopwatch you simply start if when your number comes up to leave the start line.

If you’re coming with a friend but not riding maybe you will consider volunteering to help out?  We need checkers, road crossing guards and sweepers.  No experience necessary.  If you help on a check we’ll teach you, you get to spend a few hours out in the forest with like minded people and you get to see every rider that is in the enduro!  If your a qualified EMT we also need medics that can ride the course.  Want to Volunteer?  Then please sign up on our Volunteer Page

Looking forward to seeing ya out there!